Get Secure

Know the facts. Protect yourself online.

Get Secure

Know the facts. Protect yourself online.

Higher Education is a Target for Cybercrime

Individuals with .edu email accounts are at high risk for having their credentials stolen by threat actors of all kinds, from hacktivists to cyberterrorists.

Using these stolen credentials, cybercriminals can access private data or create emails resembling those from targeted institutions, allowing them to scam students, faculty, and staff. In addition, if access to email is obtained, that email account can be used to reset other passwords.

stolen higher ed login credentials have been found on the dark web since 2009.


is the rise seen in .edu credentials found on the dark web since 2013.

No Industry is Immune

Cyberattacks outside of higher education are also rampant, harming an organization’s reputation, revenue, and ability to remain in business.

$6 Trillion

in damages are expected to be paid by businesses responding to cyberattacks by 2021.

The Scary Truth

These numbers mean anyone is vulnerable just by being a customer, employee, or otherwise providing information to organizations that conduct business online.

Increase Your Cybersecurity Knowledge

Stay informed to keep your online experience safe—on and off campus.

Two-Factor Authentication

See how this login process drastically reduces breaches.

Data Backup

Keeping files stored properly saves you in an emergency. Learn how.

Public Wifi

Learn about ways to stay secure while connecting on the go.

Malware and Phishing Prevention

Discover ways to mitigate these common cyberattacks.

Mobile Security

Explore ways to protect devices that hold sensitive data.

Security While Working Remotely

Learn tips for working and studying safely anywhere.

Get Cybersecurity Help from Northeastern Experts

Enhance your discoveries and collaborations.

Submit any question, concern, or comment to the Information Security team for assistance with safeguarding your Northeastern experience.

For urgent matters, contact the IT Service Desk via live chatat 617.373.HELP[x4357], or

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